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At Sommer & Strassburger, we have made it our goal to specify individual components or complete plants according to your wishes and, in combination with our technical know-how, to customise them. From planning and 3D realisation up to production and assembly, we are at your side – with zero compromise. Innovations and products at the highest quality level are our speciality. Whether MembraLine® membrane housings, FiltraLine® filter housings or our wide range of possible special products – efficiency that is surprising.

  • MembraLine® membrane housings

    Our MembraLine® membrane housings serve as a benchmark on the filtration market. As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel membrane housings, we offer you membrane housings that can be individually configured using our modular system and are equipped with a wide range of connection options, so that you can find the direct route to the right housing.

  • FiltraLine® filter housings

    Our FiltraLine® filter housing series meets the highest demands. Filtration innovations that will surprise you. Whether FiltraLine® bag filter housings for prefiltration for membrane systems or FiltraLine® cartridge filter housings and FiltraLine® modular filter housings for the separation of liquids and gases, convince yourself of our filter housings, which are appreciated worldwide. Individually adaptable, of course.

  • HexaLine heat exchangers

    With our heat exchanger, you ensure the transfer of thermal energy from one material to another. From the collection of process data to the finished product, we take over all steps for the individualization of the components.

  • AseptraLine® high-pressure flanges

    To ensure that you more than meet hygienic standards, we have developed AseptraLine® high-pressure flanges as an alternative connection option in the pipeline construction of high-pressure applications and for pump connections or housing connections based on DIN 11864-2. AseptraLine® longitudinal sight glasses, on the other hand, are indispensable when it comes to hygienic designs of longitudinal sight glasses for complex process engineering vessels. Progress that sets new standards.

Product news

Despite many innovations and a worldwide network of customers and partners, standing still is not an option for us. As a dynamic and agile company, we are constantly developing ourselves and our products and providing innovations for even more efficient, safe and simple processes. Tailored to individual industries and your personal requirements with an attractive price-performance ratio. Our goal is ground-breaking technical innovations – today, tomorrow and in the future.

membrane housings

MembraLine® membrane housings

MembraLine® membrane housings are designed to accommodate membrane elements from the microfiltration range up to 160 bar high-pressure reverse osmosis. In addition to accommodating membranes ranging from 1.8″ to 8.3″, in close cooperation with our customers, we also manufacture gas separation housings to accommodate cartridges and modules.

Our latest product from the MembraLine® line is comprised of our ETFE-coated ResiLine® membrane housings, which are used for highly corrosive media, preferably in chemical applications.

FiltraLine® filter housings

We manufacture FiltraLine® filter housings, such as cartridge filter housings, bag filter housings and module filter housings for the water, food and pharmaceutical industries. Our FiltraLine® cartridge filter housings can be manufactured as ventilating filter housings, condensate filter housings, inline filter housings and low-volume filter housings along with special housings according to your requirements and specifications. For FiltraLine® bag filter housings we offer sizes 1 & 2 with different connections. The FiltraLine® module filters consist of up to six lens modules arranged one above the other, with which the contact pressure of the modules can be changed from the outside.

filter housings

Special products

Special products

In addition, we produce many other products that complement the wide range of our portfolios.

Our HexaLine heat exchangers, which we not only design and manufacture but for which we also perform the thermal engineering calculations for our customers, are shown as double-tube heat exchangers and tube-bundle heat exchangers.

Under the brand name AseptraLine®, we offer tank sight glasses with minimal dead space along with high-pressure flanges for high process pressures, which are based on an aseptic design. Our process tanks and pipe extrusions, which we manufacture according to customer specifications, are equally impressive.

Feel free to contact us.
We would be happy to advise you.

Inquire with us; we would be happy to advise you. Our highly specialised team will find the right solution for your requirements.

Feel free to contact us.
We would be happy to advise you.

Inquire with us; we would be happy to advise you. Our highly specialised team will find the right solution for your requirements.