Gas filter housing – lower part completely CNC-manufactured

Gas is often used in the production of food, pharmaceutical products, and medicines. For example, purified air is utilised in many fermentation processes. If impurities enter the process via the air – the entire batch can be contaminated and must be discarded.

Our gas filter housings play a major role in safe process control. New in 2023 is that the lower part of the housing is made entirely of solid material using CNC technology, thus saving around 50% of the welding seams. Weld seams should always be kept to a minimum in hygienic/aseptic process control, as contamination by germs can occur there due to the slightly rougher surface. Another advantage of reducing the number of weld seams is that we can now offer even more attractive prices.

We offer our gas filter housings with inner surfaces from bright metal to SF4 (Ra ≤ 0.38 µm and electropolished). We can manufacture the gas housing in the outlet with a slope to achieve good residual drainability according to ASME BPE.

The new series is available in 16 standard versions from DN10 to DN40 in DIN as well as in ISO and inch versions – due to the modular system we can guarantee short delivery times. Of course, we weld the connections orbitally as standard – because we are concerned about the highest process reliability and reproducibility.

Thought through for you: To avoid condensation in the “cold” stainless steel housing and thus prevent blocking of the filter cartridge, we are pleased to offer you our automatic heating.

Our filter housings are designed and calculated according to AD2000 as standard, other regulations on request. We would also be happy to provide you with detailed documentation including endoscopy and non-destructive testing (NDT) of the weld seams.

Sommer und Strassburger has been producing stainless steel components for many industries for almost 50 years. Our sales experts work closely with our design and production department, so that we can always offer you innovative improvements.

Ask us, we will find the safe solution for your process too!